Friday, September 12, 2014

Wyoming EPSCoR is Accepting Applications for Fall 2014 Undergraduate Research Fellowships!

Each semester, Wyoming EPSCoR supports and funds outstanding undergraduate students in Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Hydrology, Computational Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics.

To collect his data, Jeff rigs up a microphone to catch the sounds
of the river.
"I take a stereo microphone and put it perpendicular to the stream," Jeff says.
"Then, I suspend it with a pulley system, so that I get the same section
of water each time."
Students who are awarded a Wyoming EPSCoR Undergraduate Research Fellowship are eligible to earn up to $750 for the fall semester to conduct research and gain valuable experience. The same amount is available for the spring semester, and students can earn up to $3500 in the summer, when students are not in classes and can devote their time exclusively to their research project.

In the past, students have studied various topics in many fields, and have gained valuable skills during their time as Undergraduate Research Fellows.

“Undergraduate Research Fellowships are a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students to get hands-on research experience in a subject of their choosing,” says Sarah Konrad, Associate Director of Wyoming EPSCoR. “Such experience can be transformative, and numerous former recipients have caught the research bug, continuing on to graduate school in science.”

Wil Chapple traced water through the ecosystem in the Snowy Range during his time as a Fellow. “I’ve gotten a glimpse into what graduate school would be like,” says Wil. “I’ve also learned what it takes to do good science. I’ve learned a lot of patience.”

Andrea Alvarez
Callie Berman studied water. “I investigated water transport mechanisms in the Snowy Mountain Range outside of Laramie to not only understand how these dynamics work, but to also gain an insight into how this resource is managed on a local and state-wide scale.”
Andrea Alvarez studied water quality analysis on the Wind River Reservation. Jeff Santos worked to find a correlation between the sound of streams and the amount of water they carry.

“Science is so much bigger than what can be found in textbooks, and some students who are bored reading about science come to life when they actually get to do science,” says Sarah.

Applications for Fall 2014 are due September 19th at 5 p.m. For more information, please contact Lisa Abeyta. To apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship, click here.

By Robin Rasmussen
Photos courtesy of Jeff Santos and Andrea Alvarez

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