Monday, August 19, 2013

"Science: Becoming the Messenger" workshop to be hosted at the University of Wyoming

Turning complicated research into information a broad audience can understand is nothing short of a challenge. Research can contain scientific terminology and complex processes second nature to a scientist, but convoluted to someone outside that scientific field.
To address the difficulty of presenting research to a broad audience, the National Science Foundation will host a workshop called “Science: Becoming the Messenger” on September 11th and 12th at the University of Wyoming. The workshop will feature presentations on social media, video, interviews, and more. The goal of this workshop is to help scientists develop the skills necessary for communicating one’s research to a general audience.
According to the National Science Foundation website, day one of the workshop “equips attendees with the fundamental skills needed to plan, create, and execute effective communications,” and day two “focuses on applying the skills and knowledge gained on day one.”
The workshop will take place at the University of Wyoming in the Wildcatter Suites and is open to UW faculty, researchers, students across the state of Wyoming, and scientific partners. Although the workshop is free, participants must register online through the National Science Foundation.
If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact Beth Cable at (307) 766-3544 or  
By Robin E. Rasmussen

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