Friday, September 30, 2016

Snowy Science: "End of Snow" Film Premiere

The world premiere of "End of Snow" will be shown on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 at the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, CO. "End of Snow" is a film that was produced by Day's Edge Production with support from Wyoming EPSCoR, University of Wyoming, and WyCEHG. 

Dr. Jane Zelikova, producer and talent in the film, has grown to be passionate about snow and the role it plays in our lives. She was inspired to document and explore the effects of climate change on snow in the Rocky Mountain regions. 

"I wanted to help make a film about science and the people and unexpected places where innovation can come from," Dr. Zelikova said. 

Dr. Zelikova talking with Bryan Schumanan, a geology professor at the University of Wyoming.

Dr. Zelikova became involved with the Wyoming EPSCoR program as a part of a collaborative research team that is characterizing the factors that influence snowpack dynamics in the Snowy Range Mountains.

After receiving a Wyoming EPSCoR grant in spring of 2015, the crew began filming in August.

Morgan Heim, "Mo", was the director of the film and was involved in the filming and editing process. Although she may be a terrible skier, she has been in love with snow from an early age. Growing up on the Virginia coast she rarely saw snow, and began to find herself craving it. When Dr. Zelikova asked her to help with the project, she did not hesitate.

"I would get to work with a dear friend on a climate change issue tailored to the environment and communities that I call home. This seemed like a way I could contribute," Heim said. 

Billy Bar, a resident of Gothic, CO, who has kept a 40 year record of snow in the area. 

Heim has affectionately called the film "her baby", but she was sure to mention how the project would not have been possible without the help of her team. 

"Jane was an inspiration throughout, and a great talent in front of the camera and with planning. Neil Losin, Nathan Dappen and Aly Nicklas all lent their considerable talents behind the camera. The whole team gave invaluable editing input. Kori Price, our production manager and assistant saved our butts and sanity more than once," Heim said. 

A still shot from the third chapter of "End of Snow" filmed near Big Piney, Wy.

Dr. Zelikova plans to continue her career in filmmaking and this past summer worked on a film about SRAP the summer research program for high schoolers funded by EPSCoR.

"I hope people walk away from the film with a better understanding of how climate change is influencing snowpack in the West. But even more importantly, I hope the viewers are inspired to do science because science is really just curiosity about how the world works and can come from unexpected people and unexpected places. In the end, I hope we show that breaking down barriers that silo us into "scientist", "rancher", "skier", or whatever, can really expand our potential and bring innovation to address the impacts of climate change," Dr. Zelikova said. 

For more information on the "End of Snow" and future screenings click here. 

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