Thursday, July 18, 2013

SRAP Wrap-up

SRAP group trip to the Snowy Range Mountains
Six weeks ago, twenty-two high school students from around the United States arrived at the University of Wyoming to work in research labs across campus. They were part of the Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP) and had little prior knowledge of the field in which they would be working. Today, however, that has all changed. While they may have known little about lasers or electric cars, mutant cells or perspectives on inspiration, they are now fully informed. Tomorrow, after weeks of hard work and dedicated research, these students will present their findings to each other and their mentors at the 2013 SRAP Symposium.
“This summer has gone by so fast,” says SRAP Coordinator Lisa Abeyta. “But, in this short period of time, I have been able to witness twenty-two wonderful students transform into amazing researchers.”
The SRAP Symposium begins at 8 am with a poster session and is followed by formal presentations beginning at 9 am. All Symposium activities will take place in the Union ballrooms on the University of Wyoming campus. A full schedule and map of the Symposium can be found at:

By Kali S. McCrackin

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